Neon Graveyard

Neon Graveyard is an anonymous Electronic Music Producer, DJ and Label Co-Founder. He has gained a lot of international recognition thriving fromCologne with his latest releases, which include a contribution to the tenthanniversary compilation by the infamous Techno Germany Records, his ,,Thismind is a warzone EP’’ (incl. remixes by Wallis & Rezystor) on his own imprintWAHN and his debut ,,Sex & Suicide EP’’ on the french imprint Måinmise.

The yellow-masked maniac established his sound as a blend of heavilydistorted, rumbling basslines and a raw, percussive drum foundation, creatingan atmosphere of restless agony and euphoric misery. Fusing early Hardcoreand Breakbeat influences with contemporary Techno advancements, his styledevelops both a full range of sizzling tops and a dominant low end supportedby detuned synth stabs and FX shots.

His DJ sets are influenced by early 2000s Techno, Industrial Music, heavyBreakbeats and trancy vibes. The glue holding all these tonal differencestogether is his earnest wish to create an energetic fast paced atmospherespanning from a apocalyptic mood to an ecstatic relief.