Tien Duc Pham

Based in the industrial, west-german town of Dortmund, photographer, videographer, exhibiting artist and founder of the ANTEA event series TIEN DUC PHAM can be found in booths and crowds around Europe’s busiest venues, capturing the essence of present-day club culture in all its extravagance and excess.

Tien combines both unsolicited prints and meticulously curated, conceptual depictions of exultant crowds and individuals in a unique blend of seductive restrain and unbound ecstasy. His raw and voyeuristic display of nocturnal hedonism was featured by prestigious imprints such as Kittball Records as well as a variety of esteemed venues and festivals like Karlsruhes´s Gotec Club, the Galactica festival in Rimini or the R-Label tour around Europe.

Expanding beyond the local club scene, Tien has worked with international  A-Listers like Amelie Lens, Farrago, Airod, Charlie Sparks, Sara Landry and currently holds a residency at the Nordstern in Basel.

His videography work has reached millions of views and interactions across all social media platforms and lead to countless viral moments, documenting many of the most impactful contributions within the contemporary rave scene.